Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adrian seeking spooky people for Halloween events--Dan Rodgerson

Adrian seeking spooky people for Halloween events


Daily Telegram Staff Writer

ADRIAN--Halloween is still more than two months away, but Adrian Community Services is already looking for monsters of all sorts to put out a spook in residents come mid-October.

In its inaugural year, the city-sponsored haunted house and hay ride attracted more than 1,300 people and raised more than $5,000 for its scholarship fun, which is used to offset the cost of programs for children of little means.

To make this year even more successful, the city is seeking volunteers to develop scenes and provide manpower for the event.

Last year several groups came forward and donated literally hundreds of volunteer hours and services.

"Since the goal this October is to make the attraction bigger, scarier and more intense, the Community Services Department is again seeking goblins, monsters and graves to assist with the project," said Dan Rodgerson of community services. "A few carpenters, electricians and artists would also be nice."

Dan Rodgerson added that the event can also act as a fundraiser for other organizations donating time or materials.

"Designing, building and staffing a haunted house is not an easy task, and we would like to share that task with a few civic groups or clubs," he said.

Organizational meetings for the even are planned at the end of August and any organization or club wishing to assist with the project can call community services.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lenawee has no shortage of scary spots - Dan Rodgerson

Daily Telegram

Heather Needham

Daily Telegram Staff Writer

Lenawee has no shortage of scary Spots

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, why not make it something that gets the adrenalin pumping? There are two haunted attractions opening this weekend, bringing the total number of hauntes to three countywide. Opening this weekend is a halloween drive thur at the stagecoach stop.

Also opening this weekend is the haunted barn with hayride in Heritage Park in Adrian. This haunting benefits the All kids included scholarship fund said Dan Rodgerson, program director for Adrian Parks and Recreation. This fund helps children who cannot afford City recreation programs.. Visitors can expect swamp monsters jumping from water tanks, spinning rooms, ghoulds dropping from the ceilings and more said Dan Rodgerson.

We don't want to give the impression that this is a little kids haunted House, Rodgerson said. Ours will scare anybody. Children six and under aren't recommended to see the barn but can still enjoy the hayride and have some cider and donuts by the fire.

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Updated 10/12/2011

City Says Thank you tp Wal-Mart Haunted Barn Dan Rodgerson

Adrian, MI

City Says Thank You to Wal-Mart

Adrian- Over the past few months the Adrian Community Services Department has been developing new programs for the residents of the community. Many of the programs would not be possible without the help of volunteers. The City of Adrian recently honored the local Wal-Mart store for their contribution.

Last summer the department recieved a grant from the United Way to establlish the All Kids Included Scholarship Fund, a program to assist needy youth participate in recreation al activities.

As part of the project a method of funding needed to be established not only to help needy youth this year but to help thousands of youth for years to come. The old barn at Heritage Park because the setting for the Hautned barn and hay ride during the halowwen season. During the planning process, several groups came forward with the interest in assisting with the project.

Dawn Schulte, a representative from Wal-Mart played a key role in the design, organization and staffing of the Barn. The local store provided 15 volunteers each night the barn was open plus 10 during the dress rehersal for the HOPE center.

After expenses, the Barn raised about $1500 for the fund and Wal-Mart matched the revenue earned with another $1500 said Dan Rodgerson

The fund now has $5000 in the all kids included scholarship fund. that equates to roughly 200 recreation scholarships to be distrbuted over the next three years.

In appreciation of their generosity the Adrian Wa-Mart was presented with a plaque from the City of Adrian.

Other Project Sponsors include: Lowes

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Dan Rodgerson--A Haunting Set for Heritage Park

A Haunting set for Heritage Park

By Roger Ferguson

Daily Telegram Staff Writer

Adrian- It is a story few can actually recall but the horrific hearsay remains to this day. Several years ago, a young bride to be her name long forgotten- disappeared at heritage park the day before her wedding. According to Dan Rodgerson of Adrians Community Services, the womans body was never found but some say her distraught spirit still lurks in the old barn at the top of the parks Hill. Many have seen the spirit wearing the white wedding dress that it never had the opportunity to wear while living.With one spirit already in place it will soon be joined by more than 20 of its ghoulish friends in mid0 October. And the community services department is hoping to cashingon the event to help build its scholarship fund.

The haunted barn is a huge volunteer event which will take place Otc 18th-19th and 25th and 26th. More than 800 volunteer hours have been spend creating scenes, construcing wall and publicizing the event. Originally the city recreation department had sought one large organization to run the entire event. But since none stepped forward the city found five smaller grounps willing to help. Jerry Zemlo is one of the key volunteer sho headed up the project years ago when the jaycees ran a similar haunted barn in the park. He is being aided by others including local boy scouts, the adrian training school, employees from Wal-Mart, the John Jacobson family and the Bill Powell Family. A grant from the United Way got the project off the ground and money raised form the event will provide scholarships for children who cannot afford recreational programs. If the project is a success, it will become an event for years to come, said Dan Rodgerson.Both the haunted barn and the scholarship program are new this year. "The combined experience of the volunteers is unsurpassed. We have engineers, recreational professionals, construction workers, tool maker, disigners, carpenters, electricians and even a cemetery employee." We could not have picked a more gruesome and morbid group of individuals and we are delighted" said Dan Rodgerson, the project coordinator. The old barn was shosen because of its spooky qualities and because some still believe the barn is actually haunted" Dan Rodgerson said."One of the complaints that we have heard regarding haunted hues is that people wait in line for sometimes hours and they are finished n 10 minutes" he added. "We have attempted to make it a family event by adding a bonfire, hayride and refreshments"The cost is $3 for those 12 and under and $4 for those 13 and over. The barn will be open from 7-9:30 each night. For more information call Dan Rodgerson at Adrian Community Services at 263-2161

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Dan Rodgerson--Spook Convention Haunted Barn

Tuesday October 7th 1997

Scott Brown

Spook Convention

A host of ghouls an dother assorted ghastly creatures are being rounded up for lots of scary fun during the halloween season at Heritage Park in the Haunted Barn and The Haunting, a creepy haunted house in the dairy barn at Lenawee County Fairgrounds. The creatures gathered on Saturday night for a Vampires Ball.

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Dan Rodgerson--Haunted Barn funding Scholarship

The Daily Telegram Adrian, MI

Roger Ferguson

Haunted Barn Funding Scholarships

Adrian- The Haunted Barn was established last year for two reasons: to provide a major fall activitiy for area residents and:to raise money for a new scholarship fund. To get the project rolling they recieved a grant from the local United Way.

the Haunted Barn is meeting both goals. Having attracted approximately 1,000 people last year, Adrian community service officials are calling it the citys largest single seasonal event. More importantly, however, it is a mrjor fund raiser for the city's scholarship fund which assists in defering up to $24 worth of city event fees for needy youth. This past summer appromimatly a dozen children benefited from the fund for such things as swim lessons and pool passes. The problem with the scholarship fund is that not enough people are taking advantage of it said community services programmer Dan Rodgerson.

We still have $5000,00 in there from last year he said. I thought it would be gine the first year but this was not the case. City Officials who limited advertising for the program last year fearing it would be depleated right away are hoping more children will take advantage of it this year as the fund continues to grow. Refers for those who may qualify can be made by any Lenawee County School to the office of State and Federal Programs at the Adrian Public schools. For more informaiton contact Dan Rodgerson at Community Services by calling 263-2161.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dan Rodgerson--Haunted Barn will tickle senses of thrill seekers

The Daily Telegram, Adrian Michigan

Haunted Barn will tickle senses of thrill-seekers

ADRIAN—People who were spooked but last year’s Haunted Barn should get a real fright this year.
“We’re really trying to be as state-of the-art and as animatic as we can,” said Adrian Community Services programmer Dan Rodgerson. “Just having people jump out of a coffin doesn’t scare people anymore.”

Instead, the city workers and dozens of volunteers have designed the Haunted Barn to literally tickle the senses of thrill-seekers and make them participants in many of the barn’s 20 scenes. Though Rodgerson is unwilling to spoil many of the barn’s surprises, he said the barn’s electric chair scene may be shocking to some.

“We’re going to ask those people coming though to actually do the deed,” he said.
Static displays will still be a part of the barn’s terrifying trail of torment, but for the most part Rodgerson said the scenes were designed to be as three dimensional as possible, with scares jumping at people from all angles.

Three or four of the individual scenes will also have their own sound effects and opposed to last year when a single sound effect was pumped throughout the entire building.

Rodgerson said those in charge of putting on the bam have also learned a thing or two about theatrics since last year’s Haunted Barn.

“Our scenes are being acted out,” he said. “It’s entertainment.”’

The Haunted Barn, located at Heritage Park, takes upwards of $5,000, worth of items to put on, but Rodgerson said the actual cost is must lower because many of the items are simply borrowed from other city departments. Many of the things that are actually bought for the barn are then reused by other departments. For example, community services will purchase plants for the Haunted Barn, but those plants will then be reused by the city’s park and trees department and some of the mechanics used for the scenes are simply on loan.

Besides the few people it takes to run the Haunted Barn from the Community Services Department, dozens of volunteers are used to make it a success.

“This year we can say there has been thousands of hours volunteer hours used,” Rodgerson said.
A majority of those volunteers have come from Wal-Mart (about 30 volunteers), which is a major sponsor of the Haunted Barn, and the Adrian Training School.

Speaking of the two dozen kids who volunteer from the training school, Rodgerson said, “They turned out to be a great resource for us. They certainly had a knack for it and they are enthusiastic about it.

About a dozen other people have volunteered their time on an individual basis.
Rodgerson said the key to the whole project is the volunteers, which was a United Way requirement as part of a $2,000 grant the city received to start the Haunted Barn last year.
The barn is also funded though volunteer hours provided by Wal-Mart employees volunteer at the Haunted Barn, the discount store pays that person’s wages towards the project, which accounted for about $2,000 last year. Wal-Mart has also agreed to match the total gate receipt, which last year brought the total proceeds up from $1,000 t $3,000.

The city hopes to boost its profits this year by increasing the time its open by one hour. Last year the barn was open four nights from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. he problem was, many people showed up at 10 p.m. looking for the barn. This year, the barn will again be open or four nights9this Friday and Saturday night and again on October 24 and 25), but will stay open until 11p.m.

Our goal is to put 1,000 people through this year,” he said. That would be an increase of 600 people over last year’s total.

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